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The Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Drinks

Fa la la la la, la la la la! The holiday parties are in full swing! We all know that when it comes to parties, there will be alcoholic beverages being enjoyed. According to recent studies, people drink twice as much alcohol during the Holiday Season. We get it, you want to have fun, but you can still enjoy the holiday’s without overindulging in sugary drinks!

According to a survey conducted by The New York Times, these are the Top 5 holiday drinks:

· Eggnog

· Coffee with Baileys

· Christmas beer

· Cider

· Hot buttered rum

Having only one glass of any of these drinks means you are consuming between 12-22 grams of sugar. That is equivalent to at least one glazed donut (which has between 12-14 grams of sugar, yikes!).

LISTEN, we aren’t here to put a damper on your festivities, instead we have a solution for you. Listed below are a few of our favorite alcoholic beverages that will pack on the fun without packing in so much sugar.

· Red Wine: (5 ounces) 1g of sugar

· Champagne: (6 ounces) 2g of sugar

· Spiked Seltzer or Lite Beers: depending on the brand, has little to no sugar

· Vodka Soda: (add a lime for some flavor!) 0g of sugar

Happy Holiday’s from all of all of us at SIN, Cheers!


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