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Will Lifting Heavy Weights make me Bulky?

The Short Answer: NO!

You see it all the time- people lifting heavy weights and having large muscles, so you assume that if you lift heavy weights then you will also turn into this ripped, large, human being. This is a common myth in the fitness world, as it is NOT TRUE!

Calories? What calories?

The reason that bodybuilders have such defined and large muscles is not only because of how much they lift but more importantly what they eat. The simple fact is that if you don’t consume excessive amounts of calories while lifting heavier than you will not “bulk up”. If you stick to a healthy diet and eat a healthy number of calories for YOUR body, then you will not have to worry about becoming larger when lifting heavier weights. Studies have proven that with a combination of calorie-restricted diets and weight training, you will see improvement in weight and fat loss, rather than seeing increased muscle size.

Don’t lift every day.

Picture this: you walk into the gym and you see that guy wearing the muscle-tee with his veins popping out... you know that guy, right? That guy heavy lifts 5-6 times a week. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, stick to lifting 3 days a week, this way you won't bulk but will still receive maximal health benefits that come along with lifting weights. Remember: “building muscle” and “bulking up” are not the same thing!

Now start hitting those heavier weights- bulking not included!


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