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Sunday Shoutout

This Sunday’s shoutout goes to Laura Westman! Laura started coming to S. I. N. this year, initially because her friend and fellow SINner, Kristen Long, wouldn’t take no for an answer. Laura has a busy schedule taking care of three boys, age 10, and doesn’t have much time for herself. Laura began her first Kick-Fit class with some trepidation, but by the end of Round 6, she was all in! Ever since, she’s maintained consistent attendance at Kick-Fit classes. Laura shows up, gloves in hand, morning and night, to keep a new commitment of care for herself. So inspiring! Laura’s strength and KF skills have improved, and she now welcomes challenges to push even harder. She’s participated in the recent weight loss challenge, and is set to kill it in hell week! Go Laura!! 🔥🥊

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